Alice Martinez-Richter

Adam and Eve The big trees under the thunderstorm

Her life, her work


The post-war years : from Toulouse to Draveil

At the french Liberation, Alice Martinez-Richter is appointed to girls' Secondary school of Toulouse. She lived in this city from 1945 till 1948 and painted numerous landscapes there and still-lifes.

But in Toulouse in this post-war period, it was impossible to find a correc accommodation : the family roamed from painters' studios to temporary housing. In 1948, for lack of accommodation in Toulouse, the family settled down in Paris region in Draveil where they had a house.

From 1948 till 1957 she lived in Draveil and painted in a studio which she shared with Antoine Martinez, an old house of wooden basket maker, in the middle of bushes and trees. There she painted bucolic faces "The pipeau", "The young pastor with a flute", "The small goatherd", etc.... It is also the period of major figures : Adam and Eve, and some Moresques ... painted from drawings and from sketches realized during the years spent in the Constantine region : "Big Yamina or "South Woman", "Moresque at her hairstyle", " Moresque with the canoun "...

It is also the period of nudes : "Nude in the forest", "Nude in the turquoise blue loincloth", "The woman with the green eyes"...


Adam and Eve

Circa 1949

The big trees under the thunderstorm

1946 - Oil on canvas - 55 x 81 cm


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