Alice Martinez-Richter

Her life, her work



Moresque with earrings

1942 - Oils on panel - 55 x 46 cm

The nude with earring

on 1942 - Oil on canvas - 55 x 46 cm

The green eyes woman

circa 1948 - Oil on panel - 55 x 46 cm

The discovery of Algeria

In 1940, after the armistice, she followed her husband in Oran where she got acquainted of her new familly and gave birthe to her elder son, Diego.

From 1941 till 1945, while she teached the drawing to Constantine's Secondary school, she paints numerous paintings in particular women faces (Yamina, Moresque with earrings, nude with earring) but also still-lifes and some landscapes. It is to Constantine, in 1943, that borned his younger son, Christian.

Moresque with earrings The nude with earring The green eyes woman


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