Alice Martinez-Richter

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"The suits of light by Alice Martinez-Richter"

"Spain and Spanish culture are important in the life and work of Alice Martinez-Richter : she married the painter of Spanish origin, Antoine Martinez, and lived the early years of her married life in immersion in Spanish culture of her in-laws.
In the early 1950's she discovered Spain. In this land of sun, the young painter absorbs the light, colors, landscapes, and customs of its inhabitants. For the Martinez family it is a homecoming for the ancestors of Antoine Martinez came from the province of Murcia. From 1951 to 1960, Antoine Martinez and Alice and their two children spend their summers in Spain. In deciding to learn Spanish, Alice Martinez-Richter absorbs more of the Hispanic culture.
In 1953 she was invited with Antoine Martinez by the Provincial Deputacion pintores at the Residencia de Segovia. Within a month, Alice Martinez-Richter painted a series of landscapes of Segovia, whose power and the number surprised the Director institution. Later in 1970 will follow the remarkable landscapes of Peniscola.
For Alice Martinez-Richter, Spain is an inspiration that has accompanied her throughout her life: she has painted numerous paintings and continued to be guided back to his studio, from drawings and souvenirs."


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